Make up I never use and Make up I just bought


Everyone (aka no one), it turns out that I am not dead. And in an even more shocking turn of events, I seem to have been reinterested in doing this whole beauty blogging thing. You see, there were some epiphanies I had this Summer about the beauty guru fad and consumerism and feminism (that I may write about but not now) that spurred me to flee the scene. I’m honestly stopped wearing most of the make up I used to care so much about, letting my leg hairs grow, and generally shunning feminine ideals (that’s an extreme overstatement of the truth, but let me have this moment). Continue reading

Anyone want an influenster invite?

Sorry if this is spam-y. But influenster is, after all, what inspired me to make this blog so……
Plus, seriously, I have gotten cool stuff for free from this website, and sharing the joy with y’all would be groovy.
If you’re interested you can comment on this, right? I need an email address to invite you.

Kaycee Rice – Werk

I don’t know if you guys have seen the video that has been going around of this little 10 year old girl twerking at a dance competition. I just find that I am having some really strong feelings and opinions about it, so even though it kind of has nothing to do with what this page is supposed to be about, I thought I would post them here.

It is almost difficult for me to find fault watching this video. I have seen it twice now, and as much as I really want to be upset by how absurdly inappropriate it is, I just find myself insanely impressed and uncomfortably envious as well as entertained.
Yes, I agree with the general consensus that she is mind-blowingly talented and also her dance and clothing were disgustingly unsuitable. What really bothers me is how unfazed I am and everyone is.

This small child is literally dressed like a prostitute, dancing like a (very talented) stripper and posting it on the internet, where it is bound to be seen by countless inappropriate eyes. And people are either annoyed by it or hugely in support of it. Continue reading

Modcloth got new bathing suits and I’m dying

So yes, you guys!! I am dying over their new collection. That yellow suit is my favorite and it is super new. The blue one has been there for a year or two, and is maybe my favorite bathing suit I’ve ever seen (I dream about it every night), but I never muster the courage to shell out that kind of dough on a bathing suit so I always let it slip away. (p.s. It’s reversible.)

Continue reading

I’m not stopping

So I’ve come to the conclusion that no one is ever going to consistently read this and that’s fine because I don’t care.
I still mean to post about things and keep my promises, but… I have more pressing obligations right now. So I will go ahead and do that later and you can’t stop me because you aren’t here.
I just have this weird feeling that now that I’ve posted this I will officially lose interest and stop all together. That is so like me. We’ll see.

Having a can’t-stop-staring-at-my-nails kind of day

Even though I am too cheap to continue my Maven subscription, Julep still sends me emails, and whenever I read them I always get inspired to do cool things with my nails.
Something that worked for me: tape was just not having it. Couldn’t get enough of the sticky off and it was just tearing up my base layer. Then I cut up and used those little sticky tab markers like for notebooks. They are much less sticky, and they are thicker so they didn’t get stuck to themself or bend it a weird way. Straight lines all over the place. Once I figured that out (and also that you need to put your square farther in than it looks like you should) it was pretty smooth sailing. Still took a while, though.

Oh. Those colors are Essie’s Very Structures and Case Study. They have almost a camo feeling together, I find. If I added green somehow, I would really get that impression. Anyway… I just think they’re beautiful. Somehow already chipping/fading after two days. I will add more top, because I’m not letting this beauty fall off of my nails any sooner than it has to.

Random Thoughts on Easter Eve

So. It’s a special day tomorrow, I guess, and I just wanted to throw in a few random things for the occasion.

This post comes to you in three parts.

Part One: it’s not too late to do Easter-y nails!
Photo on 12-10-12 at 12.30 PM
If you don’t have any fun pastel colors, you can always add a thin layer of white over the top of more vibrant polishes. I am super into pastel colors right now, and it can only be better if you pile a bunch of different pastels on top of each other. That is where the idea of this design was born.
Now, I know this manicure is not amazing, but I think it’s fun. I was going to put it into part two of my Spring Ideas Guide, but I thought it would be a really nice nail look for Easter Sunday. Continue reading

Ideas for Spring — Part One: Clothes

So, every once in a while when I do my hair or makeup or nails or wear a cute outfit, I will take the time to document it with a quick photobooth.
I was going through the snapshots I took during Winter quarter and realized that I have been 100% dressing for Spring. Since these were some of my favorite outfits, they will probably make a reappearance sometime in Spring (when they are more temporally appropriate anyways).

I’m going to split this into two parts, clothes and nail polish. I am actually pretty shocked at how many times I was able to do my nails this quarter because I had literally no time. I’ve done some really fun nail stuff, though, and it is almost all completely Spring appropriate, so I want to share.

1: Pattern Mad/Plaid on Plaid
Photo on 1-2-13 at 3.07 PM #6 Continue reading